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Common Allergies

An allergy is a medical condition in which a person’s body reacts abnormally to some foreign substances. You should ensure that you have enough knowledge of allergies and how they can be treated even when you are completely healthy. This makes it easier for you to notice possible allergic reactions in your body hence you can treat your condition early enough. Once you notice any sign of an allergic reaction, you should have it confirmed by your doctor. This article will discuss the five common allergies that affect people.

Pollen allergy

This type of allergy is most common during the windy periods. The pollens from different plants are transported in the air from one location to another hence the effect brought about by this allergy is usually greatly felt over a large area.


This is a type of fungi that grow in areas that are warm and moist. These fungi cause allergies by releasing spores into the atmosphere. Once you inhale spore, they will cause inflammation on your airway, causing an allergic reaction. To remedy this type of allergy, you should ensure that your house is always free of mold. You should not take a long time before removing the mold because the longer the mold stays, the harder it is to fight the allergy it causes.

Animal hair

This is also a major allergy. The allergy results from the proteins that normally coat the animal hair. For the animals, the proteins aid in keeping the animal’s hair shiny but when inhaled, the proteins can cause serious allergic reactions in some people. You should not keep any pets in your environment if you are allergic to animal hair.


Though not common, some people are usually highly allergic to the protein found on the latex rubber. It becomes a problem for those people that have this allergy to visit hospitals or any place that uses latex. This can be quite challenging since it is not possible to forego hospital visits when one is seriously sick.

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