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Haritaki Benefits and side effects

This herb is made from dried fruits of the Terminalia Chebula tree. For ages, this herb has been used by society to fight various diseases and conditions. Despite the fact that this herb has so many benefits, it also has its side effects when used for long.


It improves digestion

Regular intake of this herb enhances the performance of the digestive tract and also increase the rate at which nutrients are absorbed from consumed food. It also helps to clear compacted waste from the body hence reducing constipation.

Reduces acid levels in the stomach

Haritaki has properties that can lower the acid levels and produce protective mucus in the stomach. This helps control the pain in people with ulcers.

Helps in weight loss and detoxifying the body

Since this herb has the ability to improve one’s digestive system, it reduces the chances of accumulation of harmful of toxins in the liver, which is usually a major cause for weight gain. Haritaki is also said to increase the blood’s oxygen levels which gives the body more energy.

Helps in treating diabetes

This herb has the ability to lower sugar levels in the blood and increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. You should consult with your doctor before you start using this herb alongside your other diabetes drugs.

Side effects

Ayurveda side effects include reduced breast milk when taken by new mothers. It is advisable for lactating mothers and even the expectant ones to avoid this product.

Causes diarrhea

Excessive consumption of haritaki may cause stomach bloating and diarrhea. Diarrhea can cause dehydration since a lot of fluid is lost in the process. You are advised not to take this drug when your body is already dehydrated.

You won’t be able to undergo emergency surgery if you use this herb because of how it affects the control of levels of blood sugar during operations. Its consumption should be stopped two weeks before the surgery.

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