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Weight Loss

Common Causes of Being Underweight

While fat has a reputation of causing obesity and weight gain, having no fat is also depressing. Underweight issues are as problematic as overweight issues. Fat is essential in our bodies as it keeps us healthy. The body uses the energy that is stored in form of fat. Moreover, fat helps in healthy skin growth, brain development and blood clotting when you start bleeding.

Being skinny is no good when you don’t have energy. Nothing is good like having a good health. So what are the common causes of being underweight.

Improper Nutrition

People who can’t access nutritious food can suffer from malnutrition and underweight especially in the underdeveloped countries. The developed countries on the other hand don’t have any shortage of food so people in such countries might be faced with underweight due to poor eating habits.

Intensive Physical Exercise

A very intense exercise that is done on a regular basis can be the cause of losing body weight. When you do exercises, the body calories get burnt faster than it does to persons that are not so active with exercising. A very involving job, intense physical activities or being an active person can also be a cause of faster body metabolism that will inhibit weight gain.

Hereditary Issues

Some people have low weight issues because it runs in the family. So, genetic factors can also be a cause of one being underweight.

Chronic Illness or Serious Health Issues

Long-term illness or being repeatedly sick can hinder the body metabolism and growth affecting one’s ability to gain weight. Underlying health conditions can be a major cause of one being underweight.

Medical side effects

Procedures like chemotherapy and other regular medications can also cause someone to be underweight.

However, underweight issues can be solved in a fast and safe way. Do the opposite of what you are doing; eat healthy, reduce your exercising routine, treat any underlying illness, and when you are on medication, eat healthy during the medication after. You can use apetamin vitamin syrup for skinny women that will see you see some added pounds in no time.

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