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Three Widespread and Common Use Slip Mat

a52559e41f949c92_sideplank.jpg.xxxlargeThere are several types of yoga mats that can be used to carry out his daily yoga. The size, style and price usually differ according to the materials used. There are many types of yoga mats available in the market. The selection of yoga mats inexpensive depending on your needs and preferences. Several options are available online at this time, when it comes to buying a mat and can sometimes be misleading.

In this article you will learn useful information about yoga mat. These are the most popular variety used by beginners yoga mat around the world.

Slip sticky yoga mat and Rules

And often sticky yoga mat is most commonly used by many people and sold almost anywhere. The non-slip yoga mats are available for low favored by many young prices. Many yoga mats are made with chemicals, yoga mats are made of PVC and phthalates. Types of yoga mats that are very dangerous, not only our health but also the environment, so be careful and take some consideration before buying a yoga mat.

Slip Rubber Yoga Mat

Non-slip rubber yoga mat is made from natural ingredients. Gum rubber part of it in reality. Non-slip rubber mat yoga can be a good choice for beginners who care about their health and the environment. Yoga mat very light weight and environment. Therefore, you can easily carry during travel.

Non-slip mat made of cork and vegetable fiber

Non-slip mat made of cork crop fiber and very suitable for people to remember the environment. Yoga mat is a low price. Additionally, hemp and cork materials are not strong so they have to be replaced more often than usual.

5 Benefits of Adding Music to Your Aerobics Routine

87827876Music is a wonderful way to energize the body through aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise to music is a great exercise program if you like music. There are various types of aerobic exercise that works well with the addition of music. Any physical activity is known as continuous aerobic movement. Adding music to be able to increase the level of intensity of aerobic routine. But there are advantages to add music. Occurring aerobic workout is aerobic music is very involved in the movement, jumping and jumping for a long time. Some of the benefits of adding music to your workout including focus, motivation and valuable exercise.


Add music to your aerobic exercise increases the advantage of allowing you to focus on things other than exercise. Focus on the enjoyment of music. It also encourages daily focus and allow you to be at this time.


A person who participates in an activity that is fun and beneficial activity will continue. The opposite is also true. If actions are rewarded with negative feelings or views, actions or experience is not repeated. Therefore, when a person does not want to exercise, but combining the enjoyment of music with exercise, is likely to continue.

This practice is useful

The main advantage of adding music to your aerobic exercise is a cardiovascular exercise you get. Good music to stimulate the heart, increase blood flow and breathing. Another advantage is the possibility of weight loss and weight maintenance.

It is important to remember that each of us is different. There are a variety of factors, including our age, general health and the state of our body. Therefore, you will get the heart rate for aerobic exercise will vary.

Unlike music

Nothing is as exciting as aerobic exercise to their favorite music tracks. Variety to choose from, including the top of the disc 40/dance success on Broadway. Feature provides about 32 music albums and aerobic perfect variety for all musical tastes and age groups. Note that the speed of the aerobic music should be between 118 to 122 beats per minute.

In addition, the music genre of your choice can be a motivating factor. In general, aerobic exercise music that is designed to provide comprehensive training. From a slower pace to allow the body to warm up. The next step is usually more upbeat and provides faster movement. The final stage is where music cooling back to the slow tempo pace.

There is also another popular aerobic exercise known as Jazzercise. The instructors teach choreographed steps and training to help your search for a better aerobic fitness accompanied by music.

Video Choreographer

There are many different maneuvers in aerobics for one person to solve. May notations ground maneuvers, maneuvers and step combinations of the plant or step maneuvers. You can find a variety of videos and DVDs that are sure to meet your needs. The proposals include several confrontation that lasted 120 minutes. It is a kind of aerobic step dance and combined, choreographed to music.

Other, Aerobic & Dance Showdown is another video presentation lasted 140 minutes of aerobic dance aerobics choreography and the music that accompanied the heat. Along with this low impact aerobic mixture. Dance-off video choreographed steps complete.

The nontraditional video, including Latin and Jazz infuse trend in motion. Enjoy aerobics to improve movement and learn new styles of dance. Using choreographed aerobics music video will be useful for beginners who have little or no experience as well as the use of intermediate and advanced levels.

Sometimes, there’s nothing like walking into the gym where the fitness class that works with aerobics music. Help set the mood for exercise. It is impossible to imagine a step or spinning class without the proper music to the rhythm. Add music to your aerobic exercise is an enjoyable experience, giving you the motivation to continue and provide health benefits.

Learn Isometric Exercise Can Be A Low-Impact

shutterstock-ballet-1Isometric exercise is a wonderful way to exercise the muscles while in a stationary position. Because it is not extreme joint rotations or stenuous activity, is ideal for those with joint problems, heart murmurs, or various other medical conditions. Especially, isometric consists of contracting and relaxing the muscles without changing the muscle length or joint angle.

It became very popular in the early bodybuilders as Max Pain and Charles Atlas. People claim that isometric exercise is the key to building strong muscles that interesting. Unfortunately, when it was discovered that people who abuse steroids, isometric exercises that fell from the public eye.

Isometric training has become popular lately due to the recent discoveries of John Little and Pete Sisco. In the past, it is impossible to measure the effect of isometric exercise. John Little and Pete Sisco managed to find a way to calculate the output of isometric exercise. Because of this, the popularity increased again and people became more interested in exercise unemployed.

Many people will take advantage of isometric exercises with other exercises that work more muscles. For example, if someone lifting heavy loads and withstand tightening the chest muscle groups, exercise doubled.

Isometric exercises can be done even without knowing what people around you. For example, inhale, hold and tighten the abdominal muscles is a form of isometric exercise. For the most part, this is pure strength training.

As with any exercise program, to see all the benefits, it is best to contact some cardio (such as running or biking). In addition, a healthy diet and good food choices go a long way to help the kilos fly. Everyone wants junk food like ice cream and chocolate. For most of us, it is impossible to live without these things. The frequency of moderate and committed to a “taste bud indulgence” is the key to the success of nutrients.

The most important part of isometric exercise is breath control. We must take a position in the spine straight in parallel, such as walking or sitting upright with shoulders back. The most effective method of isometric exercises using rhythmic breathing pure oxygen to ensure that sufficient for the proper use of muscles.

When doing any type of exercise, you should have a “hold” your breath, you have to inhale or exhale.

Isometric exercises can be added to any exercise routine to improve efficiency. Am only simple stretching and adding elements to accelerate the addition of isometric muscle. Isometrics is great in combination with resistance band training. Using isometric exercises with resistance band workout at work or while watching TV just fifteen minutes a day can increase muscle strength and surprising.

Everything about Water Aerobic exercise

water aerobicsOnly the water aerobic exercise? It is an effective and easy way to improve your cardiovascular health and reducing the impact of sports-related injuries on his body. This reduces the pressure on the muscles, bones and joints, due to the unique properties of water buoyancy of your body. His body is fully supported by the water while you are doing your workout routine.

In the same way that terrestrial aerobic work performed consisted of rhythmic accompanied or unaccompanied by music and reach a different level of intensity, water aerobic exercise may be a more advanced level and is done without music. For example, the routine water-based training can teach beginners simple movement of the foot that may or may not grow in intensity, frequency, duration and complexity of the advanced level of training.

Like aerobic activity more familiar ground, including the stage of heating water aerobics, stretching and cooling. Organized exercise classes usually have a duration of one hour or less. In addition to an excellent aerobic exercise, water fitness provide great gains in strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and balance.

If you are not a strong swimmer, no problem doing more with less impact and easy to perform water-based training as well. May be a waist or chest deep water, where the activities in deep water using equipment such as flotation flotation belt if you want.

In aerobic exercise ground Height Weight

Water has a higher strength to go, so the more water exercises that use more calories, it is not unusual to burn 450-700 calories in any place at any time. By going into deeper waters, there is greater resistance and therefore the calories you burn higher. Water aerobics provide faster results than doing the same routine out of the water. The flexibility, muscular endurance and also increase faster than land exercises.

Floor Exercise Stress

Water aerobics is very relaxing as the body weight is supported by water. Consider the following data and information will help you understand better:

Compatible with waist-deep water 50% of the total weight of your body, it means that you take your joints almost half his body weight

Chest of water in the support of 85% of their body weight, take only 15% of their body weight

Neck of water up to 90% of their body weight, take only 10% of their body weight

The Great Benefit Of Cardiovascular Exercise

exerciseThere are several important factors to consider when exercising, in order to achieve maximum results. These factors include: the duration of each exercise, the intensity, the frequency of your work out, and whether or not you use interval training. This article will examine each of these aspects to help you achieve the maximum benefits from your cardio exercise.

Cardio is important for weight loss and heart health. Some bodybuilders forget the importance of cardio, and do not want to lose muscle mass as a result. It is an important part of your focused on the aerobic exercise. Contrary to what some people believe, cardio will not reduce muscle mass. This will help you build endurance and get more definition to your body. Below is a list of reasons why you should keep up with your cardio exercise is shown.

Reduce blood pressure and heart rate
Burn calories
Help prevent illness, such as heart attacks and obesity
Resistance Tinataasan
Good Mental Health
The flow of unwanted fat layer
Blood flow to the muscles Tinataasan, so more nutrients are delivered to them


Intensity means how hard work for your business. Intensity is the key to optimal health and fat components. Beginners should seek heart rate less than 55% of your maximum heart rate, while intermediate and advanced should see around 65-90%. The highest level of your heart rate is 220 minus your age, but of course can vary depending on your fitness level. Sports equipment and fitness equipment often with a handheld sensor that will tell you your heart rate, so you can maintain a good level of intensity throughout your workout. If you look at the sensor or interfere survive an easy way to see how hard you are working is to see how well you can communicate. If you can sing while exercising, mostly very lazy. If you can barely talk, we can work as well. The idea is to be barely able to speak.


The duration is the time continuous aerobic activity performed in a single session. Ideally, you should exercise between 20 and 60 minutes per session. If you are a beginner, you can start by doing shorter exercise, about 10 minutes at a time. Once you become stronger and more comfortable, you should begin to increase your exercise time. You should NEVER, never try, especially if you are a cool exercise. If you feel weak, sick or dizzy, slow down or stop, and of course, consult a physician if you have health problems before you start. Note that although cardio is not going to add muscle weight, if your goal is to increase the mass should only take about 20-30 minutes, or an hour if you do not burn too many calories.


If you do cardio 3-5 times a week usually, unless you have a lot of fat to lose then you can go for 5-7 times per week. You do not have to get out of your cardio exercise space for more than 48 hours because your body will start to lose the positive impact of last year.

Interval Training

Interval training is a cardiovascular exercise that takes less than a regular cardio exercise and burn more calories. This type of training is very effective and just do it for 15-20 minutes at a time. An example of interval training is to run for 3 minutes and walk briskly for 2 minutes. This cycle can continue until you have completed the exercise (do not forget to warm up!). Write a good exercise to prevent boredom which can have a steady state cardio and increase fat loss. Interval training is good for improving your cardiovascular fitness and avoid muscle loss may have as well as a regular cardio. Remember to change the length of time walking and running to keep you body in prophecy. Type of cardio that can be done in almost all cardio machines, and also outside.