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Required Small Multivitamin for Women?

girl nutrition vitaminsLost with vitamins

In a perfect world, we would get all the vitamins and minerals we need from our diet – but we do not. That’s why supplements are called supplements – give our bodies what we do not diet, make sure that the amount of nutrients that we need to be obtained. For example, our body depends on iron to build red blood cells for us. If you do not get enough iron, you can develop conditions such as anemia, which causes weakness, fainting, depression and other symptoms.

Although iron is found in foods such as red meat, egg yolks, turkey, and shellfish, people who abstain from animal products can not get enough. While they can get iron from foods such as raisins and nuts, I could not very consistent. A vegan with irregular menstrual cycles, for example, may suffer from iron deficiency – this is why a small multivitamin for women often have the added iron formula.

Pregnancy and vitamins

Women can also have a pregnant or trying to get pregnant to supplement their diet – in this case, there are some prenatal vitamins. As long as your diet is naturally change during pregnancy, can you still do not get enough nutrients for you and your baby. Even small prenatal vitamins, so they can help to increase the intake of nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin D, iron, magnesium and biotin – everything your body needs more than once carrying a child.

Another reason to take vitamins

Small multivitamin for women are not meant to be a substitute for any medicine or profitable, but it is designed to help certain groups. For example, if you do not spend much time in the sun, your body may be deficient in vitamin D – women taking multivitamins, however, can increase the levels of these nutrients. A vitamin biotin can help strengthen nails and hair, so if you suffer from hair loss or a break from hormonal conditions, your doctor may recommend taking vitamin biotin.

If you are not sure whether you should take a multivitamin or supplement, take your concerns with your doctor. Your doctor may recommend taking a good multivitamin for different nutrients at one time or start one or two separate vitamin regimen that aims to improve health.

About Vitamin A

vitamine_ingrijire_cosmeticaVitamin A was first discovered back in 1912, by a Polish biochemist named Casimir Funk.  He came up with the word vitamine, which was later given the name vitamin.  Funk was the first to discover vitamins as we know them today, although vitamin A was actually the first one discovered, hence the letter “A” in the title of the vitamin.

You can find vitamin A in natural foods such as oranges and yellow fruits.  It can also be found in vegetables as well, such as spinach and fats.  When found in vegetables, vitamin A is water soluble, coming in the form of beta carotene.  The beta carotene form of vitamin A can be eliminated from your body through natural processes, making it an excellent way to get vitamin A.

Vitamin A is required by the body on an every day basis to maintain healthy skin and keep your eyesight on track.  There are many people who say that carrots provide enough vitamin A to prevent you from getting night blindness.  The fact is, ancient Egyptian doctors prescribed liver in their time, which they said contained enough vitamin A to combat night blindness.  Vitamin A is also known as an antioxidant, which makes it ideal to prevent cancer and anti aging.  Along with these benefits, it also helps with your immune system as well.

To get the proper absorption of vitamin A, you’ll need to consume fat.  Those of you who happen to be on a low fat or restricted diet, simply may not be getting the right amounts of vitamin A from your supplements that you may think.  To get the proper absorption of vitamin A in your diet, you’ll need to consume a high enough level of protein.  Protein combines with vitamin A to make it stronger, and help it move through your body.

On a normal day, you should be consuming around 5,000 international units (IU) of vitamin A.  Depending on your health and your age, you may need to consume more or less.  The safest form of vitamin A is beta carotene as mentioned above, and it can be taken in much larger doses.  No matter what age you may be, you can feel safe to consume high amounts of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene.

If you don’t consume enough vitamin A in your diet, you’ll end up with a deficiency.  A deficiency is never a good thing, as it normally results in skin problems, increased infections, and even night blindness as well.  A prolonged deficiency in vitamin A can put you at a risk for cancer as well, and you’ll also miss out on any effects of anti aging that the vitamin might have.  Although you should begin taking it immediately if you have a deficiency, the effects wouldn’t be the same as they would be if you stayed up to date with the right amount on a daily basis.

On the other hand, if you are getting too much vitamin A, you’ll put yourself at risk for pain in your joints, abdomen, and your bones.  Even though too much or not enough can cause you serious side effects, you should always get the right amount in your diet.  Vitamin A is very important, and should always be included in your diet.  You can find it in many foods, or take supplements that include the well needed vitamin.  If you are going to take supplements, you should make sure that they provide the right amounts – with no side effects.