Get Non-surgical lifting Effect

The changing world of skin care industry has found a challenge to meet. In the 1980s if you want to look young again one must consider what is called, “Going under the knife”. That means finding a good plastic surgeon and pay thousands of dollars to have the procedure done to pull back the skin and face re-sculpting. This down time can be painful and months depending on the patient. Many times the results are not what the patient expects and one can find themselves in the worst of the 80 wind started before.

As doctors began to realize that surgery is not always the best option and develop new treatment more indirect and more secure future. First came the craze Nature. This is where the company started to claim that the use of all natural products are the way to go. It involves finding plants and other natural elements of the land that could be used to treat skin conditions. So far we have done research worldwide through the un-qualified personnel trying to find some unusual plants or roots are used for the skin. So it folded in 1990 Everywhere people spend millions of dollars on products that do not always work. Some companies will claim that the use of cucumber cream will make one look twenty years younger. While cream does have the effect of moisture on the skin it is definitely not done a look eighteen again. People still pay money and use it every day until it finally realized that it just was not work.

As 1990s began to move along the many different companies and doctors are beginning to realize nature is simply not enough. Can combine science and nature will have more impact? So researchers began experimenting with the integration of nature with elements that have a very sophisticated names such as lactic acid. Lactic acid, also known as acid 2-hydroxypropanoic or milk, is a compound formed when sugar is broken down into several conditions in living beings or by some types of bacteria. This year may be an important part of generating energy for weight training and help with some functions of the liver. This acid can also be found in some dairy products, like yogurt, as well sourdough bread and some beer and wine. Doctors and researchers are beginning to understand that the body is producing some of the ingredients to fight aging. Now the trick is to find ways to re-introduce this material into the body either stop making them or slowed production.

This which Daeses of SeSBella / SeSDerma in. It uses the latest technology to produce an effect surgery. How without lift 1st works:? It stimulates collagen. Collagen is important because it reduces wrinkles improve elasticity skin.2nd: It re-introduces what is called DMAE. DMAE is a naturally occurring nutrient present in our body and nature. (Fish, Salmon and sardines, etc.) 3: It stimulates the synthesis of acetylcholine. Reduces acetylcholine by age produces a decrease in muscle tone and consequently leads to the appearance of aging skin.4th: It stimulates the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine (a major component in the cell membrane), balancing and repair cell membrane damage by free radicals.

Results : lifting effect immediately.

Stretching the skin while smoothing wrinkles.

Improve facial contours.

Increase lip volume and improve lip border.

Substantial firming action.

Reduce wrinkles for a long period of time.

GFPFE Bag Eyes Daeses under some facial lines: Daeses Lifting Cream

Eye and Lip Contour Daeses

Daeses Instant Lifting Serum

Daeses Face Mask

Daeses Cream Gel

Daeses Neck Firming Gel

Daeses Milk So body as one can see the industry has changed a bit. Now there really is a need for surgery. Products shown as Daeses can save thousands of dollars and still make you look young and fresh. Daily research around the world are working to find better ways to help you find the Fountain of Youth. Daeses try and see that you do not have to live with getting older.

Acupuncture – How Did It All Begin

Acupuncture is one of the ancient methods will come into the world to cure a human disease. Medicinal system mainly followed in China. It is customary medical practice to treat diseases by using acupuncture ordinary people who were born and raised in China. It is believed that, by stimulating specific points on the body, acupuncture bring back and maintain the health of the body. Having originated in ancient China, acupuncture is spreading to other regions of the world. In recent days, medical experts in the United States use of acupuncture as a substitute for English medicine.

Besides China, acupuncture has been used for healing by many Asian countries for thousands of years. Japan and Korea are the other countries that practiced this treatment system, in addition to China. Recently, there have been many studies conducted to determine the effectiveness of acupuncture in various hazardous health conditions. There is a very high possibility for side effects, if it is not effectively done by a skilled professional and an expert in the field. Before undergoing acupuncture therapy, the patient must provide a clear picture piece of his health and other systems of medical practices used, to prevent serious damage to his health.

In this treatment technique, some areas look at the body of a patient, who was stabbed with a sterile needle therapy to alleviate their pain and produce local anesthesia. In practice the system of acupuncture, professional medical practices, classifies the body into two halves of Yin and Yang. Yin means that part of the body in accordance with cold and hot items. It is also known as the principle of passive and active principle respectively. By balancing the two principles, perfect health could sustained.

When gaps appear in the Yin and Yang interior, it causes disease, such as an imbalance of important blocks of energy, known as Qi in Chinese, flows to the body. Through effective acupuncture treatment strategy, the balance of Yin and Yang restored. Strait, which connects the body, referred to as the number of meridians can meridians. The 14-20. The meridians are interconnected in such a web. This connection retains 20,000 points acupuncture. That was in 1971, when acupuncture became very popular in the United States.

As according to reports by the National Institutes of Health or NIH in 1997, it clearly confirms that, as well as many professionals in different fields such as health, dental, ENT specialist, doctors, and many other specialists extensively training in acupuncture techniques within their nakakagaling treatment. Most patients take acupuncture therapy, to get rid of their body aches. Corresponding record in 2007 from the National Institute of Health, more than 3 million adults and 150,000 children were given acupuncture treatment for various health problems in the United States in 2006.

Excessive use of water, ptosis, blood in the eye, twitching

Excessibe watering

Tears flowed from the eyes if you peel onions? Watery eyes can really answer eye dryness and irritation, or possibly an allergic reaction, or may be a result of a blockage in the ducts that drain tears from your eyes inside your nose. Overflowing tears can cause more tearing.


Do not rub your eyes.

Relieve symptoms by pressing the cloth, clean gently with warm and moist eyes closed, two to four times a day for ten minutes.

Carefully follow the instructions for cleaning and storing your lenses.

Replace eye make-up and mascara if other measures that do not produce relief.


This is the term for drooping of the upper eyelid. In young children need immediate attention to prevent the formation of lazy eye. This often occurs in adults and can be very successfully repaired with surgery.

Blood in the Eye

It looks dramatic and medical name – subconjunctival haemorrhage – sounds serious. But the appearance and names likely to cause unnecessary alarm.

Small subconjunctival hemorrhage is bleeding under the surface of the membrane in the white part of the eye. As a result of the explosion of small blood vessels.

Usually there is discomfort and the problem is no more than a temporary cosmetic blemishes

Spontaneous subconjunctival haemorrhage general public and many have one or two over a lifetime.

Blood slowly change color from bright red to dark red and then to yellow before finally disappearing in two to three weeks. One, two, or even three spontaneous subconjunctival hemorrhage should not worry, require treatment, and does not warrant a visit to your doctor.

See your eye doctor if:

Bleeding occurred more than three times.

Bleeding covers an area larger than the iris of the eye.

Bleeding occurs when you are using blood thinners (anti-clotting) medication.

Bleeding occurs after injury to the eye.

Eyelid twitch

It is caused by small muscle spasms of the eyelid and can be very annoying. It is said to be caused by fatigue and exhaustion, but has not been established. It is almost always stops on its own after a few days, but may continue for several weeks.


Rest and stress reduction are worth trying.

Meet your family doctor or ophthalmologist if the twitching lasts for more than a few weeks.

Self-assembled Medical First Aid Kit can nurse Better and Faster

Medical emergencies and injuries uninvited guests. Occur when we least expect it and leave us in times of adversity. However, with the availability of appropriate equipment and prevention products, such cases are easily overcome without a great hue and cry. The first aid kit is a high-quality medical assistance available can get one in an emergency. Although each outlet first medical aid to local store close to you might be big enough for you to make a kit for purchase, but, often advised to make their own homemade special medical first aid kit you as ready-to-use tool. This is because you are different from the kit prepared kits available market.

Reason Make Your Own Medical Kit There two solid facts on this topic. First, you will have the kit contents based on your needs and the work you do in your daily life. For example, if you live mainly revolve around work and the people, and not make the trip to the desert for adventure, or playing any sport, it makes no sense to include medical items hiking or work with your kit. These items are available only for activities.

Secondly, setting up your own first aid kit with the proper medical content as you can save your time, help you and guide you well when emergency. However , you should not ignore the fact that some include basic medical items that you will learn in a row in the list provided below. Basic Items and Tools to Include in KitBandages Help and wrap

Safety Pins

Suddenly medical scissors

Balls / Cotton Pad

Gauze / dressing (about 4-6 different size)

Non-servant gauze (for burns or abrasions)

Adhesive bandage (about 4-8 different styles)

Medical Tape


Pain relievers

Antibiotics and Related ointment


Wound closure piece

Antiseptic towelettes



Antiseptic Wipes


Flashlight and extra batteries

Plastic non-latex gloves (two pairs)

Government mouth-piece CPR (get it from the local Red Cross)

List of emergency phone numbers Include all medical items in your first aid kit depends on your personal needs and the size of the kit you choose to accommodate. Quick Tips You can easily buy a blank medical first aid kit to the nearest store drug or available online from reputed dealers. At present, there are many medical companies who supply their goods through their Web site was established. You can browse and very popular with companies such as first aid kits and medical kits and take various items for you to use. However, make sure that when you select a container to hold the items, textures kit must be durable and must be spacious kit, suitable for all climate, is simple to open, and easy to handle containers or boxes for medical carry. Plastic perfect storage case. They are light, spacious, and some have a handle to hold the box.

Treatment Cancer Is Simple – Chemotherapy Effective or Not

According to statistics, having cancer is in the top 5 things that people fear most. It’s right up there with “death”, and right then. It also has to be there with AIDS / HIV, but given that contracting HIV or AIDS pretty much always your fault, get cancer … Well, let’s just say, you never know who is going to get hit.

It is a silent epidemic that affects all respect to anyone. All of us people with cancer, people are looking for ways to cure cancer, and for many of us, unfortunately, even those close to us and even adore ones.


The most popular (and accepted) a method of treatment for cancer chemotherapy. Why? Because since we were children, we were taught that if we are sick, we go to the doctor. And here’s another thing we “learn,” the doctor is always right. Now, for 99% of illness and disease, they know exactly what they’re talking about. And even if they talk about cancer, they know all the why and the how-to disease, cells, etc. But when it comes to cancer treatment, which stops.

For this is the beginning of knowledge, it is The dictionary definition: Chemotherapy – Treatment of disease through the use of chemical substances, esp. treatment of cancer and other cytotoxic drugs. “Cytotoxic” literally means toxic to cells. This means that the chemotherapy is actually killing your cells. Now, in fact, to target these cancer cells, but here’s the logic. Imagine a group of people, about a hundred of them, gathered in a small room. With 5 of them need to be eliminated. Now imagine chemotherapy as a grenade was thrown into the crowd. Oh, sure, you can kill 5, but what happened to 95? Doctors may not agree with me on this reasoning, but it is what it is. They should promote the chemotherapy because as of now there is still no known method or the perfect way to treat cancer. They should introduce toxic chemicals to kill cancer cells cancer patients. The Doctor Hippocratic Oath says, ‘Do no harm. “Uhm, I think there exceptions.IF chemotherapy ARE NOT, then WHAT?

Common sense tells us that the way to restore life back is to use life care and medicine. Then why in the world we do not belong in the scheme of cancer treatment hospitals, doctors, and even the government has promoted and accepted that chemotherapy is the ONLY way to extend or prolong the lives of patients,? It is the most scientifically acceptable way to treat cancer (right). Believe me when I say that there is another solution. Chemotherapy is only one – to slowly kill you for the purpose of disease that will kill you (do you realize how stupid that sounds?) It’s time for a revolution .. A revolution.

Research healing, research, and then explore some more. Learn how to live a healthy and gives another to restore your health and other strategies Cancer. Don Cure ‘t be a fool. Do not just accept what everyone doing.This is your LIFE we’re talking about!