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Keep Your Landscape

Landscape-Maintenance_015Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (wet AMD) is a degenerative eye disease. If left untreated, the vision will deteriorate or be lost forever, according to a leading ophthalmologist of South Africa, Dr. Joanne Miller.

Pain is debilitating, leaving people who suffer from this incurable and dependent on family members or caregivers to help even basis. Imagine having to see your grandchildren when handling them, and are forced to only see the world in your eyes.

AMD usually does not develop until the sixth or seventh decade of life although there are documented cases in young adults and even children. In fact, an increasing number of young people who reported cases of retinal degeneration, which, if detected at an early stage of decay, it can be treated. ТЙ

Until now it was difficult to determine whether it is an inherited condition due to the late start, but studies show patterns of family conditions, which suggests that there is a genetic cause of AMD.

There are two types of AMD: the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. Wet AMD is an advanced form of AMD, which resulted in rapid loss of vision. wet AMD is also unusual dry AMD, accounting for 10% of patients with AMD. However, according to the World Health Organization, the overall AMD is caused by the third largest worldwide loss of vision, and the single largest cause of vision loss in the western world. While also becoming more common in the Caucasian population, increasing evidence that wet AMD in other population groups.

An early symptom of wet AMD are distortion of lines and shapes, the lines appear wavy or ordinary everyday things like door frames look crooked. A blind spots or dark areas usually results in loss of central vision as forming one, limiting the landscape around.

According to Dr. Miller “before you start treatment, the more you can save vision, such delays could lead to the possibility of blindness.”

There is only one recognized treatment for this condition at the time, which not only stops the development of wet AMD but also reverse its development, restoring hope, landscape and light.

Glaucoma in A Nutshell

Glaucoma in a nutshellGlaucoma is an eye disorder that abnormally high pressure inside the eye caused by too much fluid (known as aqueous humor) in the eye, eye injuries vein behind the eye. This damage can lead to loss of your peripheral vision, and ultimately blindness. It is important to treat glaucoma as far in advance as possible.

Glaucoma can occur in one of two forms: acute or chronic.

Acute glaucoma can cause instant blindness. This is rare.

Chronic glaucoma is more common and move slowly and “silent” for years. When you first recognize the symptoms of acute glaucoma, eye damage roots can be very advanced.

Pressure inside the eye rises when drainage of aqueous fluid produced within the eye is blocked, not drained by a network of tiny channels in the eye. That there is a blockage, the volume of fluid within the eye increases as the water behind the dam wall, which causes pressure and restore damage to the fragile eye vein behind the eye.

See your doctor if:

Even if you only suspect that you have either chronic or acute glaucoma.

Recognizing the symptoms of acute glaucoma dramatic:

Sudden, severe, deep pain in one eye affects the whole side of the head. Severe pain can cause nausea and vomiting.

Partial loss of vision

Visible colored haloes around bright lights.

Students do not constrict in response to light shines.

Treat it as an emergency. If the pressure in the eye is not reduced from time to time with certain eye drops and other medicines, permanent vision loss may occur. When the pressure is off, emergency surgery should be done to prevent pressure from building up again. Treatment is usually successful if the problem is caught early enough.

Recognizing acute glaucoma like this:

Have no symptoms or very mild symptoms. Progress gradually so you may not recognize the progressive loss of peripheral field patchy vision. The central part of the vision is not affected until very late. The damage is almost always goes unnoticed until too late.

The only way to see it at the beginning of regular eye examinations.

Visit your eye doctor at least once a year if:

You are over 50 years old;

You have a blood relative with glaucoma;

You seriously short-sighted, or

In the case of a blow to the eye.

Treatment initially by eye drops to lower eye pressure. Surgery may be needed to help the influx of aqueous humor. Although the treatment can be very successful, the development of acute glaucoma is often difficult to stop.

Fit stayed Working With Exercise Ball

Fit stayed Working With Exercise BallKeeping busy working environment make now can be difficult. The other procrastinates on their work-out plan is getting harder to get back into your exercise routine. Find a way to get all the work we have completed while finding time to exercise can be possible. The best way to keep up to six crates and make sure your boss does not yell at you, is to find ways that you can exercise while working. It can be difficult for those with work related to customers throughout the day. There is no getting around the fact that the sweat and customer service do not mix. But if you have a desk job, a profession that involves being in front of a computer screen or something similar, then integrate exercise routine will not be difficult to exercise ball.You want to start growing things.

Stretching joints and muscles will make you feel better and your body will thank you. Most people who work at the desk that sat for almost eight hours a day. And this is before we get into the car and headed to the traffic congestion. Starting from the top of your body and work your way to your feet, start your neck meet. Slowly moved to the right side then the left side. Keep your head in any position for a while before moving to the other side. After doing this 12-15 times, started doing the same thing except for forward and backward. Do the same amount of time before moving down to your shoulders. Right shoulder and left you will benefit greatly from the two sets of ten roll. Try ten shoulders roll forward and then another ten backwards. If you still feel tense shoulders, others not ten.

Here stretching to loosen your upper body out: Grip the edge of the table and play your hand against your stomach. Keep each hand shoulder length apart and push your elbows into the table. Do this a few times and do not hurt yourself. Switch from arm to your wrist, decided to roll your wrists regularly. This also applies to your ankle. Both parts of the body can be easily strained and typing all can cause carpel tunnel.

To shape while at your desk, we had to swap seats behind them apart from the exercise ball. You are not only an exercise ball will help you shape your muscles, but also helps to strengthen your back. Sitting in a chair all day can do a number on the spine. Only use an exercise ball as a chair to the table to improve the health of your body. Weight of routine shift left to right and front and rear. Keep your back straight and chest swelling while training and you train your core muscles. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor while doing the job. For maximum effect you decide to tighten your shoulders while keeping them.

How to Make Homemade Hair Products

Make-Your-Own-Hair-CareFor some people, store bought depilatory creams and serums too hard. Create your own products hair removal at home allows you to find out what’s happening in the cream you put on your hair skin. Most people have a place and would not be rid of quite a pain, literally. Creating your own product hair removal is safe, effective and reasonably priced compared to other depilatory treatments. Hair Products and other treatment costs anywhere from 20 to 2,000 dollars. At home treatment of hair can be fabricated by using items you probably already have at home already.

The your first treatment with a mixture combines turmeric, milk and flour to make a smooth paste is able to remove the hair from any area of the body. This mixture can be applied to any smooth hair but the most effective way to remove facial hair woman. Turmeric is a spice that you will find in many Indian curries. Turmeric delicious and effectively removes fine hair and grow hair block when used over a long period of time. Turmeric with the added benefit soften and brighten the skin. After applying the mixture to your face, rub off by moving your fingers in a circular motion. After brushing away the hair, rinse your face (or other body parts) with cold water.

Another removing prescription hair with the power of egg whites, cornstarch and sugar. By mixing an egg white with a tablespoon of sugar and one-half tablespoon cornstarch you make a sticky paste. Pasta can be applied to any area of ​​your body you want to be hair free. After allowing the pasta to dry on your skin, peel it against the direction of hair growth. When you remove the pasta it will take them to the hair follicles and all. This method can be used depilatory hair thicker than the first prescription and the results usually last long because the hair follicle is removed along with the methods of hair removal results in lasting hair. Another is sugaring . Sugaring is very similar to waxing and can often provide the same results with less discomfort.

You may have heard of sugaring salon offering treatments to remove unwanted hair but did you know there you can make yourself at home sugaring treat yourself? Depilatory sugaring paste can be made using many different recipes, but the most basic use of sugar, water and lemon pasta juice. To make it bring 2 cups sugar, 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup lemon juice to a boil. Remove mixture from heat and allow to chill in an airtight container. Sugaring does not have to be super hot when you mix it. Blended a credit to your skin when it is warm, not hot. For best results, clean the area you will be treated thoroughly before applying the paste. Apply the paste with a spatula or hands free and then put a piece of cotton it and press down firmly. Remove the fabric of your skin in the direction of your hair growth can help reduce pain and irritation. Any this home made hair removal products are made from natural ingredients and easy to find. The next time you need hair removed, try one of these techniques.

Stem Cell Therapy Safe?

interphotoStem Cell Therapy or treatment is now a household term. Many people open to the idea of going to this treatment. We hear the term is often used by doctors and specialized clinics that offer enhanced beauty and Aesthetic services. You can also see the beauty soap, face cream, body lotion, and similar claim to have this agent renewal them.

Many years ago, people were afraid of procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction or implant placement . It is normal for people to have second thoughts or even fearful of what they are not familiar with, especially rare surgical procedure. But when many celebrities and politicians to take risks and have a successful and very good results, follow the effect begins. The same is true with the advent of Stem Cell Therapy. The more the media is buzzing about it, the more people want to try this method. So many people around the world are now looking for them for a renewal of their youth.

The question, it is safe to understand first that it is not a “cure-all” medicine – unfortunately, Unfortunately not. According to the Philippine-American doctor, lawyer, Samuel Bernal, “The goal of therapy is not a program of life-long Anti-Aging. This therapy is actually trying to allow the body to heal itself “. In other words, this treatment will help you achieve your cosmetic or health goals faster than if you just allow your own body to do work. He also stressed, “Beware, especially in service offering of embryonic stem cells from aborted fetuses, or genetically modified sources, and particularly from animal cells “. The answer alleged death of three politicians who underwent such therapy using stem cells from sheep, rabbits and other animals.

If choose a clinic for this procedure make sure they are using an autologous process. This means that the stem cells are taken from your own blood. It involves injecting a patient’s own concentrated photo-activated PRP directly to the areas that need rejuvenation. So it safe? Yes, very safe! To add to your confidence, make sure that the medical clinic team consists of professional, highly competent, and extensively trained medical experts and that all procedures are performed by a respected team, which consists of Board Certified specialists, and supprted by a team of registered nurses trained, experienced, and committed to providing high quality and safe SERVICE.