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Treatment Cancer Is Simple – Chemotherapy Effective or Not

According to statistics, having cancer is in the top 5 things that people fear most. It’s right up there with “death”, and right then. It also has to be there with AIDS / HIV, but given that contracting HIV or AIDS pretty much always your fault, get cancer … Well, let’s just say, you never know who is going to get hit.

It is a silent epidemic that affects all respect to anyone. All of us people with cancer, people are looking for ways to cure cancer, and for many of us, unfortunately, even those close to us and even adore ones.


The most popular (and accepted) a method of treatment for cancer chemotherapy. Why? Because since we were children, we were taught that if we are sick, we go to the doctor. And here’s another thing we “learn,” the doctor is always right. Now, for 99% of illness and disease, they know exactly what they’re talking about. And even if they talk about cancer, they know all the why and the how-to disease, cells, etc. But when it comes to cancer treatment, which stops.

For this is the beginning of knowledge, it is The dictionary definition: Chemotherapy – Treatment of disease through the use of chemical substances, esp. treatment of cancer and other cytotoxic drugs. “Cytotoxic” literally means toxic to cells. This means that the chemotherapy is actually killing your cells. Now, in fact, to target these cancer cells, but here’s the logic. Imagine a group of people, about a hundred of them, gathered in a small room. With 5 of them need to be eliminated. Now imagine chemotherapy as a grenade was thrown into the crowd. Oh, sure, you can kill 5, but what happened to 95? Doctors may not agree with me on this reasoning, but it is what it is. They should promote the chemotherapy because as of now there is still no known method or the perfect way to treat cancer. They should introduce toxic chemicals to kill cancer cells cancer patients. The Doctor Hippocratic Oath says, ‘Do no harm. “Uhm, I think there exceptions.IF chemotherapy ARE NOT, then WHAT?

Common sense tells us that the way to restore life back is to use life care and medicine. Then why in the world we do not belong in the scheme of cancer treatment hospitals, doctors, and even the government has promoted and accepted that chemotherapy is the ONLY way to extend or prolong the lives of patients,? It is the most scientifically acceptable way to treat cancer (right). Believe me when I say that there is another solution. Chemotherapy is only one – to slowly kill you for the purpose of disease that will kill you (do you realize how stupid that sounds?) It’s time for a revolution .. A revolution.

Research healing, research, and then explore some more. Learn how to live a healthy and gives another to restore your health and other strategies Cancer. Don Cure ‘t be a fool. Do not just accept what everyone doing.This is your LIFE we’re talking about!

Arthritis Treatment? How Painful Is A Stem Cell Procedure for Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the wear and tear of articular cartilage disease. It emerged as a result of a lack of ability to capture excess cartilage damage. It is a common disorder that affects more than 20 million Americans. So now, treatment is usually symptomatic osteoarthritis. Different drugs, called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), training, physical therapy, and injections are used to provide palliative relief. In the end, the patient will go to have a knee replacement surgery. More recently, trying to repair cartilage using autologous mesenchymal stem cells (patient’s own) (MSC) will be displayed promise.

Noted primarily in animal models such as goats, sheep, and rabbits, autologous stem cell reparative benefits also reported anecdotally in some humans. There description of this technique. The most common is bone marrow or fat centrifuge to focus on stem cells and then injected into joint While simplicity of this approach is interesting, it may not effective. MSCs migrate to new areas of damage. If the environment is conducive for their survival, they undergo growth and differentiation and fill each frame given to start process.

That reparative say, all these factors need to be in place to achieve the desired outcome. There should be a place of exciting new injury MSC : there must be a favorable environment with growth factors that stimulate MSC differentiation and reproduction, and finally, there must be an appropriate framework which provides protection for the hostile environment. A MSC MSC proper technique requires the use of special different anesthetics. Anesthesia should be administered in the form of soft tissue both local and regional blocks. Knowledge of anatomy and the use of diagnostic ultrasound to localize the root is important. Also, knowledge of the pharmacokinetics of different anesthetic is essential to prevent toxicity.

Finally, if arthroscopy is needed to better visualize the area or to deliver extreme damage to a particular site, the use of intra-articular anesthesia is anesthesia critical. General required. Obviously not, there are some inconveniences associated with the administration of anesthesia. After all, how could stick a needle will be given a really painful? However, when done properly for OA, MSC scheme somewhat uncomfortable, but it should not be too painful. Ironically, most discomfort occurs after the procedure because of the nature of regenerative procedures require the assistance of a strong inflammatory response to provide healing.

Importance of Water In the meantime Medifast

I personally believe that Medifast is really one of the best diet programs online that you can choose. However, it is important to know something before you join. You will drink a lot of water. If you are like most people, it’s probably not something you can think about a lot. Thus, it may take some time to get used Medifast idea.

What recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water a day, while you are in one of their plans. Each 8-ounce glass of water should be. So, all in all, you’re talking about 64 ounces of water you consume daily. Believe me, I know it seems a lot. That’s what I thought. But once you get used to the idea, it really is not that big of deal.

The next question you may have is why in the world would I have to drink that much water? Honestly, you have to drink that much now, but most people are not clear. Think of it like this: Your body is made up of many moving parts, such as engines. Water body fat is equivalent to the machine. Sometimes the machine requires some fat to make the teeth move. Well, that water for your digestive system. Without them, you will likely be very constipated.

Constipation is the main reason why so many people are overweight. Think about it. Waste of your body has been released in several ways. You need foods high in fiber, and when you add water to food, then you will have an incredible combination. Medifast offers food part of the equation. You will provide water.

So, if you think that you will be able to drink 8 glasses of water a day, do not sweat it. Sure, you are going to the bathroom more, but guess what? It is a natural thing. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, the lack of going to the bathroom is part of the reason why you overweight.

Take slow. Drink 2 glasses of water with your breakfast, and you already ΒΌ of the way done with it, and it’s not even 8:00. At dinner time rolls around, drink 2 more cups of water, and actually finished. Leaving very little 4 glasses of water throughout the day. It is not really difficult to achieve.

Choose the Best Hair Loss Products Critical to successfully regrowing hair

If you start to see signs of thinning hair or bald, then you really want to do something about it – fast. Like many men, you can turn to the Internet to learn more about what types of treatment available. Finding the best hair loss is not always easy, in fact, it can be a frustrating experience and sometimes annoying. However, having a basic understanding of what triggers may be losing your hair in the first place can make finding the best hair loss products easier. For most men, roads eventually lead them to Procerin.

The Best Products for Hair Loss Male Pattern BaldnessAs a man with thinning hair, balding important to know that you are most likely a result of androgenic alopecia – or male pattern baldness. Once you know, you can more effectively search for the best hair loss, Procerin and be at the top of your list. That’s because Procerin especially formulated to address men baldness pattern. This is done by going after the compound that triggers an increase in DHT – dihydrotestosterone – body, known as 5AR and ProcerinWhen enzyme.DHT 5AR enzyme interacts with testosterone, DHT levels rise sharply. When that happens, DHT binds itself to androgen receptors in the scalp, which causes major problems in the hair follicles. Hair follicle in them falling out, and new hair can not grow back Procerin unique among the best hair products for special entry after the loss of the 5AR enzyme, preventing interaction with testosterone and male pattern Baldness stop dead in tracks.

All made with Procerin oral supplement it; including topical serum that works to create an environment amenable to the new hair to grow back in.Procerin:A Leader Among Best Hair Loss ProductsThere absolutely no question about it: Procerin beat all other best hair loss products on the market today. More men who experienced success with Procerin comparison to other natural supplements available today. You can experience the wonderful benefits of Procerin soon, because prescriptions are not required.

Even better, there are no undesirable side effects associated with Procerin. You can safely use it as directed and visitors to the natural hair growth without any problems. Male pattern baldness just did not have the opportunity when it goes against Procerin.

How Does Electrotherapy

Before we get into how the electrotherapy, let’s take a few moments to determine soil separate the medical treatment. Electrotherapy is a therapy that uses tiny electrical impulses to repair tissue, stimulate muscles, increase muscle strength and improve muscle sensitivity. In fact, there are many different forms of electrotherapy ultrasound and inferential therapy with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and laser therapy. Depending on the injury or condition, electrotherapy offers numerous benefits, including improved circulatory system and increases muscle function. Electrotherapy has been shown to effectively reduce pain while also improving strength, range of motion, speed, and pace absorption.

Commonly used to treat inflammation related injuries such as a sprained ankle, tennis elbow and other sports injuries , electrotherapy practiced throughout the world and is often covered by standard health insurance. Electrotherapy history dates back in 1855, and the latest applications of the focus of treatment to reduce pain and inflammation and heal the body. As of pharmaceutical therapy carry inherent risks such as side effects and addiction, electrotherapy has become a treatment becomes popular, but how does it work? During treatment electrotherapy, either alternating or direct current is applied to the muscle tissue to stimulate healing in damaged areas. At present, the most common method of alternating current electrotherapy with a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Small electrodes attached to the skin and administered electric adjustable rate Therapist at the damaged site. As electrotherapy reduces swelling and allows increased blood flow to the affected area to enhanced recovery. More oxygen and nutrients to reach locations that repairs damaged tissue starts earlier and lasts faster.

With respect to pain management, electrotherapy works in two ways. First, electrotherapy interrupt pain signals to the brain via nerve pathways so that you are prevented from feeling pain. Moreover, electrotherapy active production of endorphins which are chemicals released by the body to reduce pain when injured.

There many other items proposed for electrotherapy, each with varying degrees of success by the latest research. For example, electrotherapy was used for decades in the treatment of psychological conditions such as depression, but also used in the treatment of neurological problems. Moreover, electrotherapy often used along with other treatments such as acupuncture or ultrasound. The vast majority of scientific research that supports the use of electrotherapy for pain and swelling reduction and the associated increase in healing me. While electrotherapy considered a safe treatment for various diseases, patients with pacemakers and pregnant women can not be considered a safe electrotherapy. If you are interested in this form of treatment, always talk to your family doctor first.