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Spontaneous Remission From Cancer – A Personal Story Part 2

13682051_sProfessional clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioners often come in the phenomenon of spontaneous remission of cancer. A practitioner saw, first hand, two close relatives experience ‘with cancer. After showing signs of their cancer diagnosis, but continue to prove the doctor’s prognosis practitioners wrong.

The grandfather was hospitalized and underwent surgery. Surgeons found that the cancer has metastasised in many parts of the body with devastating effect. They ended the operation knowing that there was little they could do to save him. There is no cure for the cancer that has spread so much. This gives the doctor six weeks to live knowing that more non-surgical treatment for her terminal cancer does not help recover. The family says the prognosis is grave, however, is not shared with Grandpa just say they have done all of before their surgery, so he returned the doctor home.

The family and his grandfather treated like they do not know about the prognosis, which makes it convenient for him and the soul prepares for his departure. But despite what happened. There are no signs of rejection. In fact, all signs point to a recovery. Five months later, the doctor asked him to come back for review to investigate why, thankfully, he still alive. To their astonishment, during the relatively short time they have discovered that the tumor had shrunk so that his grandson had no symptoms of cancer and be on your way to making a full recovery.

This type known as a spontaneous remission of cancer. A man either temporarily or fully recovered from cancer, or other conditions, in a way that can not be attributed solely to the seemingly miraculous medical recovery treatments. Regarding grandfather, practitioners know what happened. The surgeon said that they’ve all done it before them. His grandfather took this to mean that they wanted to keep him! With his intelligence, he could go home and make a full recovery. What’s more, his family did not share his grave prognosis. There are no negative thoughts or influence to affect his belief that he will be cured by surgery and treatment. He lived for over seven years, eventually died of the same disease totally unrelated to heal terminal cancer – a hypnotherapy and NLP stroke.

The discipline our mind and body to handle knows how to heal itself. Given the right environment with a focus on self-limiting or negative beliefs that may inhibit recovery, we have the power to heal yourself. Although there are no guarantees, powerful NLP and hypnosis therapy can open the door to the possibility of healing and hope to offer such as: What if the magic that can happen?

What if spontaneous remission of cancer that had to be achieved?

What if you could feel the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders?

What if you can relax and feel calm? NLP and Hypnosis are not promising anything. However, at least, NLP and hypnotherapeutic treatment can offer a room away from the fatigue of living with cancer and, at most, a miracle of spontaneous cancer remission may occur.

More Breaking Hair Loss For Women

beauty4Thinning hair is a problem in 40% of women are facing today, and while it may seem a minor issue, the fact that women can develop deep emotional scars that lose their hair in a society that expects them to have thick, healthy locks. Somehow, even though the problem has always crossed gender lines, it is always considered good for men to go around with no hair, but it was really taboo for women to do the same thing. Therefore, rather than allowed to age naturally and gracefully, women are forced to find ways to reconstruct their hair growth by turning both over-the-counter medications and surgical procedures to try and results.

Some achieve the desired hair thinning is normal for everyone as they age. When a people begin to worry excessively. The most common female pattern thinning bald on the top of the head. This can often be treated with a product containing minoxidil, however, it will take several months of use before you start to see hair grow, and if you continue to use the product in your entire life, your hair will fall again. If the store brand of this product will work for you, the least expensive way to go, because the brand name could run you about $ 15 to $ 25 per month.

There is the percentage of the population that minoxidil is not effective. Other options, then try a more aggressive treatment, such as reducing scalp or hair transplants. As you can imagine, it’s painful and expensive procedure, so you’ll want to try the local treatment first. For example, scalp reduction, scalp was bald or thinning patches actually removed and then the remaining scalp is taken to consist area.If you are a woman worried about thinning hair, it may help to know that you are not alone. There are women everywhere struggle with what they perceived social stigma lose their hair.

Too bad that our society makes women feel that they must have hair at all costs, but at least there is an option for those who are desperately looking for a fuller head of hair. Even if your hair is falling out at an alarming rate, it will always depend using one of the methods mentioned above. Of course, as a last resort, with a good wig available that nobody will tell you your clothes.

ACE inhibitor A-Z

92407491It Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are a vasodilator that works by preventing the formation of agiotensin II. This component is a strong barrier arteries and cause water and salt retention. ACE inhibitors also led to increased bradykinin, a vasodilator. The result is that the blood vessels relax and blood pressure drop, reducing the heart’s workload. They used special in hypertensive patients with heart failure and kidney disease.

ACE inhibitors increase renal blood flow, decreased protein (albumin) in the urine and prevent the progression of kidney disease.

ACE inhibitors are safe and effective drug for the treatment of hypertension. This drug should be cheaper.

Some ACE inhibitors:

Capoten Captopril in

Coversyl perindopril in

Enalapril in Renitec

Tritace Ramipril in

Lisinopril in Zestril, Zetomax

Who can benefit from the use of ACE inhibitors?

The drug is useful in treating patients with heart failure. These include patients with left ventricular wall enlarged or dysfunctional, the heart’s main pumping chamber. Because it might be useful after a heart attack.

Diabetics can clearly benefit from treatment with ACE inhibitors. These drugs have been shown to protect against death, stroke, heart attack and kidney disease in diabetics. People with diabetes are prone to kidney disease.

Compelling indications for use as an anti-hypertensive drug

Diabetes, with or without nephropathy (kidney damage)

Heart failure

Left ventricular dysfunction, especially after heart attack

Kidney disease with proteinuria

How to take an ACE inhibitor (dose)

ACE inhibitors are generally well tolerated and rarely cause sudden drops in blood pressure. Some ACE inhibitor taken once a day, but only a few in the market should be taken twice a day, which reduces comfort.

Who should not take ACE inhibitors?

ACE inhibitors protect the kidneys of people with diabetes by slowing the progression of renal failure, but in patients with severe kidney problems may increase potassium and cause problems. In these circumstances it should be closely monitored by a specialist.

Patients using ACE inhibitors and taking potassium-sparing drugs such as certain diuretics or potassium supplements need to be carefully monitored for an increase potassium. Heart failure may be a combination of spironolactone with ACE inhibitors particuarly useful, but again be careful surveillance specialists are usually recommended.

ACE inhibitors should not be used during pregnancy or when planning a pregnancy. It can cause birth defects and fetal death.

Compelling contraindications


Hyperkaleamia – high blood potassium levels

Bilateral renal artery stenosis – narrowing of the arteries that supply the kidneys, the two sides

Every history ofangio-edema

Possible contraindications or a limited number

Kidney disorders – Patients with kidney disease may retain potassium. Specialist prescribing and monitoring is recommended.

Limited value as a monotherapy in patients with Africa. Combine with thiazide diuretics or calcium channel blockers.

Strong history of allergies due to the risk of angioedema

Tell your doctor if:

You might be pregnant or are planning to have a baby.

You have kidney or liver problems.

You have vascular disease.

You are taking any other medicines.

You have the side effect of prior use of ACE inhibitors, especially angio-edema.

You have an allergy or angioedema from any cause.

Possible side effects

The most common side effect is a dry cough. It is located about 10 to 20% of patients taking ACE inhibitors and may require a drug is discontinued.

Some patients experience skin rashes and others may experience changes in their tastes.

Acute allergic reaction called angioemdea is a rare side effect, but life-threatening. It is more common in blacks and may hisotory allegic.

It can be taken with other drugs?

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as indomethacin, especially to reduce the effects of ACE inhibitors and potassium to promote retention and renal failure.

If taken with potassium supplements or potassium-sparing drug, blood potassium levels should be carefully monitored. Very high levels of potassium for acute heart attack.

Written by Dr. Kathleen Coetzee, MBChB

Reviewed by Prof Brian Rayner, head of the division nefhrology and Hypertension, University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur on Academic Hospital, December 2010

Heat vs Ice? When Do You Use Them

iStock_000018299966_ExtraSmall“Should I use heat or ice?”

This is a question I hear almost every day from patients at the clinic. And the answer is not as simple as you might think. It is not just based on what will help the most, but also what prefers. First patients, Say Look at Reasons to Use Heat.

Heat is known to relax muscles, relieve tension, and reduce joint stiffness and is generally preferred because it is the ability to relaxation (who wants to be cool anyway! ‘). Heat is essential for muscle tension and muscle spasms spasm. When tight or will remain partially or fully contracted causing several things must happen:

blood vessels is limited by the surrounding muscles

an increasing number of metabolic waste produced

due to constriction of blood vessels, garbage piled up in the muscle tissue-it’s annoying when you get a soft, pale and soft feel

The muscles and surrounding tissues to be “happy”

This is where the heat comes from the drama … The heat allows the muscles to relax enough to dilate blood vessels to flush metabolic waste. This gives a sense of pain and early healing. However, heat can increase the pain if applied for too long or if you are an acute injury (first 48 + hours) because of increased inflammation. Heat should not be used in chronic inflammation, in the field of infection, or decreased sensation in the area. If you have any concerns about the use of heat please check with your doctor first. If have it available, moist heat penetration is often the best choice for hot AIDS muscle. You can now see the hot moist packs that can be microwaved for a home or for a reason connected in. Now to Use Ice …

Good ice to the injury immediately to help decrease pain and swelling! Remember when your sprained ankle as a kid ice is also great for arthritis (loose), head and pain soon -? It is an acute or chronic pain. ‘Ve Heard athletes take ice bath (I shiver just thinking about it!), Well they do it to prevent swelling and to relieve their pain after a hard workout or competition.

Ice reduce inflammation by constricting blood vessels and is often used with elevation. You may be familiar with the acronym RICE (Rest, Ice, compress, elevate) is usually used immediately after injury. Applies only ice in 10-15 minute increments as inflammation is a normal part of the healing process and should not be completely inhibited unless directed by physician.

Ice that should not be used in areas of decreased sensation, decreased circulation, If you have cold intolerance or medical condition which may be contraindicated the use of ice. If you have any problems, please check with your doctor to find out if it is okay ice. So Here General Breakdown for When You Use Heat vs. Ice:

Es: inflammation, recent injury, headache, pain, arthritis (inflammation flare)

Heat: tight or spasming muscles, chronic wounds (nagging), arthritis (stiffness, but no inflammation)

I often recommend that my patients use the heat in the morning to loosen up the muscles and joints to prepare for the day and then use the ice at night if / when the swelling and pain set in. alternating two can be an excellent solution for those who need the best of both worlds! Heat and ice should not be applied for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Stretch Marks

stretch-mark2Stretch mark on your skin is embarrassing, but it is something you cannot avoid, especially for women during and after pregnancy. Stretch marks during pregnancy are very common problem for every woman. Every women will suffer for this problem even for just light stretch marks that almost unseen. Some stretch marks after pregnancy can disappear slowly from skin, but sometime the marking is stay.

You can avoid stretch marks by moisturizing and eating a lot of vitamins enriched food. But if stretch marks appear you have to do more to remove it from your skin. Common stretch mark removal is stretch marks cream, exfoliating scrubs and essential oil. This product can be use at home by your self. Professional stretch marks removal can also try like microdermabrasion , laser treatment and cosmetic surgery. Of course you should spend a lot for professional treatment.

For pregnant woman stretch marks are commonly appearing on stomach, since it is the most part that stretch larger. But you should be care with your breast. It is something that also stretches out whiles you pregnant and breast feeding. Your husband will hate that mark, so you have to get rid of breast stretch marks as soon as possible.