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Strabismus (eyes appear)


Strabismus is the medical term for a squint

Approximately 2-4% of children with strabismus

If beginning in early childhood can lead to reduced vision in the affected eye

There are many causes of squint, some of which are not fully understood

Treatment may include eyeglasses, non-occlusive eye squinting, and operational

What is strabismus?

Strabismus is a squint. The eyes are misaligned and look in another direction. One eye may look straight proceed, while the other eye turns inward, outward, upward or downward. Eyes turned to straighten the eyes straight time and are subject to change.

Strabismus is a common condition in children. Approximately 2-4% of children with strabismus. It can also occur later in life. It occurs equally in men and women. Strabismus may run in families.

How does the eye work together?

With normal vision, both eyes aim at the same spot. Brain then combines the two images into three-dimensional images. The three-dimensional image gives us depth perception.

When an eye turns, two very different pictures are sent to the brain. In a young child, the brain learns to ignore the image from parallel and look at pictures of eyes straight or better to see. Child then loses depth perception. Adults who develop strabismus often have double vision because the brain is not able to ignore the picture of the changes in the eye.


Generate good vision during childhood when both eyes are normal alignment and focus. Can cause reduced vision, or amblyopia is Strabismus, eye squinting. Brain will recognize the shadow of the strong eye and ignore the image from the weaker or amblyopic eye.

Amblyopia can be treated by patching the eye “beautiful” to strengthen and improve the weaker eye sight. The Amblyopia can be permanent if treatment is delayed. As a rule, been considered earlier amblyopia, better vision ended.

What causes strabismus?

The exact cause of strabismus all squinting or not fully understood. Six eye muscles that control eye movement are attached to the outside of each eye. In each eye, two muscles move the eye horizontally. Four muscles move it up, down or tilted. Upang line up and focus both eyes on a single target, all of the muscles in each eye must be balanced and working together – the muscles in both eyes must be coordinated.

Brain controls the eye muscles. The Strabismus is quite common in children with diseases that affect the brain, such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, hydrocephalus and braintumours. Cataract and other causes of poor vision can also cause strabismus.

How is strabismus diagnosed?

The main symptom of strabismus is an eye that does not appear to tune in each eye. Sometimes children will close one eye in bright sunlight or tilt their heads to use their eyes. The Strabismus can be diagnosed through an eye exam.

It is recommended that all newborns undergo an eye examination by theirpaediatrician, and a re-evaluation of four to six months. Children should have their vision checked by theirpaediatrician, family doctor, optometrist, orthoptist ophthalmologist, (eye specialist), or screening of pre-school, on or before their fourth birthday. If there is a family history of strabismus or amblyopia, ophthalmologist should assess their vision even earlier.

Baby eyes often seem to cross. Children are often the nose, the wide flat and folds of skin at the inner eyelid eyes look crossed. It may be necessary to enhance the appearance as the child grows. A child can not cope with correct strabismus. An eye doctor can distinguish between true and false squint.

What kind of cross-eyed?


Esotropia, where the eye turns inward, the most common type of squint in infants. In most cases, early surgery to realign the eyes. During surgery for esotropia, eye muscle tension, in one or both eyes, suits.

Accommodative esotropia

A common form of acquired esotropia that occurs in farsighted children a little older the Accommodative esotropia. As a child, he can direct the eye to adjust to the far sightedness, but can cause the eyes to cross these efforts focus (accommodation). Glasses can reduce the effort to focus and align the eyes. Very rarely needed bifocal glasses for close work. Eye drops or special lens called prisms can also be used in the management of this disorder.


Exotropia, or behind the eyes of outsiders, a common type of strabismus. Often occurs when a child is committed to the distant objects. Exotropia may occur only from time to time, especially when a child is daydreaming, ill or tired. Parents often notice that the child is closing one eye in bright sunlight. Although glasses, exercises or prisms may reduce or help control the rotating eye out, some children, surgery is often required.

How is strabismus treated?

Treatment for strabismus aims to preserve or restore vision, straighten the eyes and develop binocular (two eyes) vision. After examination of the eye, including the application of students who flaunt eye drops, eye doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment. In some cases, the glasses may be prescribed. Covering or patching the strong eye to improve amblyopia is often necessary. Other treatment may include surgery to correct the unbalanced eye muscles or, very rarely, to remove a cataract.


Eyeball is never removed from the socket during any type of strabismus surgery. Ophthalmologist makes a small incision in the tissue covering the eye to reach the eye muscles. How many muscles are repositioned during surgery, depending on the direction has changed. It may be necessary to perform surgery on one or both eyes.

A generalanaestheticis usually required. Fast recovery time and usually return to normal activities within a few days. Sometimes more than one surgery may be necessary to straighten the eyes. After surgery, glasses or prisms may still be necessary.

As with any surgery, eye muscle surgery has some risks. These include infection, bleeding, scarring on the white of the eye and other rare complications that can lead to vision loss. Safe and effective treatment for strabismus Strabismus surgery. It does not, however, a substitute for glasses or occlusion therapy.

An alternative to surgery

Botox (TM), a drug known to be used to reduce facial wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles, is an alternative to eye muscle surgery for some forms of strabismus. Injections of drugs into the muscles while the eye muscles, so the muscles devoted to tighten and straighten the eye. Although the effects of the drug will disappear after a few weeks, the misalignment may in some cases permanently corrected

Why do you “Say” Are You To Lose Weight?

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The before you begin to accept this fact the better you will feel, both physically and emotionally. One best tools to build self-esteem in our lives, when we set goals and achieve things in our lives it. Some more under our control than other. Losing weight is one of the temporary things. And, not every diet is suitable for everyone, with Surplus increased from which to choose, you must certain to find one that suits your needs, lifestyle and personality.

So, without further reason, let’s start taking measures that could “lose weight” go next New Year’s resolution list!

Female Pattern Baldness – Why it happened, What It Looks Like and How to Stop It

You may have heard about male pattern baldness, a hereditary condition that is medically known as androgenetic alopecia. The common condition that is responsible for at least 85% of cases of balding in men. What many people do not know that women can be affected by androgenetic alopecia as well. Find out more about female pattern baldness and what you can do about OccursLike it.

Why Female pattern baldness male version of androgenetic alopecia, pattern baldness in women is an inherited condition that causes the follicles to shrink and eventually die, interfere with the ability to produce hair. Individuals with this condition are sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which is derived from testosterone. Pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss in men and women.What looks Like While men with pattern baldness typically lose their hair from the forehead, temples and crown, females are more likely to develop the overall appearance of thinning. In serious cases, the bald patch may occur.How Stop Female Androgenetic AlopeciaThere many steps you can take to slow down the hair loss associated with pattern balding, and even stimulate new hair growth.

Drugs: Drugs such as minoxidil topical effectively to slow hair loss and restore hair growth. Available as a lotion or foam, minoxidil is applied directly to the affected area twice a day. After nearly three months, the follicles to start producing hair feel thicker.

Hair Transplant Surgery: For women with extensive hair loss, hair transplant may be a good choice. Healthy follicles harvested at common outpatient procedure, and then reaffixed in the affected areas of the scalp. After a few weeks, new hair will start to grow.

Hairpieces: For those who prefer to not use strong medication or undergo expensive medical procedures, natural wig, looks like a good choice. A salon expert hairpieces can help you find an affordable piece like your real hair and can be washed and designed to suit you.

How to remove your contact lenses

Once the contact lens in the eye can be removed simply by shaking your head vigorously or sneeze with your eyes open, right? False.

Check first vision in each eye separately. You can do this by closing a constant eye on your hands and check if your vision is clear – in other words, check that the lenses do the job and the right place.

Wash your hands with soap and water, rinse them thoroughly;

Rotate your eyes upward, and then pull the lower lid to the outside and down using your middle finger;

Keeping your middle finger on the lid, place the tip of your index finger on the bottom of the contact lens;

Both sliding contact lens from the cornea, to white eyes;

Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the seal contact lenses so that makes it to the damaged eye. Lens should then naturally falls forward to the fingers and can be removed.

Now cleaned and sanitized, or disposed of, in accordance with the instructions of your eye care specialist or lens manufacturer.

Rid of Skin Tags Using Smart Approach Following

Skin tag is a bit of hanging skin growth that looks a lot like warts. It is said that parents in general are having warts, but it is not entirely true. Everyone can have a tag and did not realize the cause, which is why you are advised to get rid of skin tags tags.

Such can easily be frozen or burned and the techniques used are similar to those used to remove warts. One of the most popular questions related to skin tag is to remove them safely home. You will be happy to know that they are removed without danger as long as you do it right. For example, see if it’s really dark skin tags what you have decided to get rid of. Many malignant tumors resemble skin tags, so it is good to see a doctor before you decide on treatment. Natural remedies can help you get rid of this type of tag without having to spend large amounts of money on dermatological products.

Tea tree oil is a very popular natural treatment should be applied on top of the tag With the help of a cotton ball soaked. For this treatment to work, a cotton ball to rub against unwanted skin tags. Before using tea tree oil, using soap and water to clean the particular section. If you follow the treatment for several days, the tags will eventually fall. The Dermisil herbal extracts, which is also a natural remedy, you can eliminate those tags. The drug is made from three plants have amazing healing effect for your skin: ricinus communis, Thuja occidentalis, and Melaleuca alternifolia. If you can not find the particular drug, try asking someone made from another plants.

Castor oil is an excellent natural remedy for removing skin tags, especially when combined with baking soda. After mixing the two elements, you get pasta that you should implement on top of your tag. If natural treatment not your thing, you can opt for other interesting methods when it comes to remove this tag. For example, you can use nail polish to cover the tags on your skin several times a day until autumn. You can also use dental floss or string to tie the bottom of the tag. Within a few days, this tag will be lost when you leave like this. Another way to remove skin tags involves the use of duct tape. After some time, you’ll see that the tag is eradicated due to loosening duct tape. If the pain is not an issue for you, use nail clippers or scissors and cut the tag off. However, before doing so, make sure that your instrument is very clean. Do you also apply alcohol on the affected area to prevent infection.

Don not go for this solution unless someone else is not able, because of the high risk of disease and infection. Other notable methods include the use of apple cider vinegar or vitamin E. Finally, verify all prior treatment to get rid of tags, and decide which is most appropriate for you. Some methods may bring you results, but do not panic. Have a technique that will bring you the best results while combating skin tag!