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4 “Everyday Things” That Can Do Wonders For Your Skin

Skin care products that are grown in demand over the past decade as more people want to have a youthful glow. Given the time and opportunity, we all want to look our best at all times. But the products and the types of treatment available for the skin does not always come cheap. Unless of course, you can get your hands on the best anti-aging products that are reasonably priced (eg Life Cell Anti Aging Cream). However, if you want to have beautiful skin without breaking your bank, actually there are “everyday things” that can be used as a substitute for a commercial product. Here are four things: apparently “good” Oil Acne and add oil, but in this case you actually make an exception. Olive oil (aka “good” oil) is really useful. It can give you the natural moisture and help you eliminate acne if you use it with a little salt. For best results, it is recommended to be used as a filling (3 tbsp olive oil, plus 4 tablespoons of salt).

Tested and Proven Acne Treatment Pimples grandmother has always been a problem for people, but there are various ways in which one can get rid of it. There are many ways to solve this problem and one of the classical approach is the use of aspirin. Aspirin should be crushed into powder, and you can add a little water to turn it into a paste. Apply the paste on your pimples and let it stay there for a few minutes before rinsing. Repeat the procedure as needed.

Skin Nature Lemons Lightening From Mother, yes you heard it right – a lemon for lightening. This can greatly help fade dark stains. Apply directly to the area, and leave for about 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly after. Yogurt Anyone right will tell you immediately that this technique really works. Took about 1/4 slices of fresh orange and squeeze the juice coming out of the plate. Add a teaspoon of aloe vera and a teaspoon of yogurt and mix it all together. Do not forget to add a little orange pulp with it. Apply it on your face and let it sit for 5 minutes. It is an alternative to a face mask revitalization. One would also have the option to use only plain yogurt and leave it on your face for 20 minutes to assist in clearing your skin as well as tightening their pores. These just four of the many other “day- Today things “that can do wonders to give you that youthful glow. As you can see, look younger not necessarily cost a fortune.

Humidity in the World of Chinese Medicine

Humidity dangerous. This makes the road, quiet and sneaky. Before you know it, you’re full, and you could hardly get out of your own way! In Chinese medicine, damp is the term we use when body fluids are not processed correctly, which leads to a buildup that can settle in and make yourself at home in almost any area of the body. This, in turn, can cause a variety of mental and physical issues.

if moisture attacking the physical body as a whole, it causes weight gain, lazy, and lack of motivation. Think about how you feel on a cloudy, rainy day. Now imagine that fogginess and being sogginess in you. Want to feel heavy, bloated, and slow. You will be more comfortable just sitting, rather than focusing on the movement. Your mind may be a bit confused, rather than clear and easy to understand. This is what happens when there is moisture damp.

If attacker lice certain place, it leads to sorrow and dull in any part of the body to rot in. If stuck in the head, can be realized in feeling sad and thinking slow, or dull headache feels like a band squeezing head. Type headaches generally tend to be either stimulated or exacerbated by wet weather. Humidity in the head can also cause sinus pain, or nasal congestion. From an emotional standpoint, moisture can confuse the mind, making it difficult to think clearly.

In the extreme, can lead to mental disability. If the attacker digestive system moist, liquid can cause nausea, diarrhea, or abdominal pain. With internal problems, usually moist hot humid change. Damp heat cause intestinal bleeding, painful diarrhea. Damp-heat in the lower burner body can bring injuries, pain and burning during urination, or a host of other problems. If warm and oozy, wet-hot feeling! Diseases caused by heavy moisture, frequently poignant, and still remain in one place. Arthritis fall into this category: the disease is concentrated in one place, the area suffers from stiff and difficult to move, and wet weather usually makes it feel real evil worse.

The humidity is self-propelled cycle. It weighs you down and resist change. That people who feel sluggish and weighed down may eliminate some of their moisture through the motions, but the delay makes people want to sit still. That lack of movement creates more, humidity and so on. Fortunately, acupuncture and herbal good option to get rid of the moisture.

Brain attack!

The increasing incidence of stroke in South Africa. Stroke is the third most common cause of death in South Africa (after heart disease and cancer), and the leading cause of adult disability. Between 13% and 30% of young adult stroke patients 15-49 years. Yet the myth remains that stroke is “just a sick old man.”

Prof Vivian Fritz, chairman of the South African Stroke Foundation (SASF), said that stroke awareness among both the public and the medical fraternity is very low, exacerbating the effects of the disease.

“We have a horrendously high rate of death due to stroke, which is a direct result of the lack of awareness of the risk factors that can lead to stroke. In addition, many people ignore the warning signs and symptoms of stroke, and wait too long before seeking treatment, “said Prof Fritz.

South African Guidelines for Stroke stroke that describes as the “Cinderella” of the major health problems in South Africa. Historically, the disease is not treated as an independent health problems despite the fact that it causes:

Between 8% and 10% of all deaths reported in the country,

7.5% of deaths in the labor force (25-64 years),

Age-standard mortality rate of 125-175 per 100 000 patients.

Stroke is determined

Stroke is the result of a bleed or a clot in a blood vessel in the brain. The cause of stroke is very similar to a heart attack, leading neurologists and other medical specialists working in the field refer to stroke as a “brain attack”.

Up to a third of all acute stroke. A previous stroke or TIA is one of the most important risk factor of stroke. “It’s important that we identify the cause (s) of TIA or stroke with each patient to prevent a second stroke. This is obviously much easier to target patients who had a stroke and recovered (secondary prevention) rather than targeting the entire population (primary prevention), “said Prof. Fritz. He added that all the risk factors, especially embolic sources, such as atrial fibrillation or carotid artery stenosis tight, should be identified and treated patients showed good recovery from stroke.

Risk Factors

Some risk factors can be modified, others are not.





Familial history of stroke

Geographical location



High Cholesterol


Obesity (Body Mass Index (BMI)> 25: BMI = mass (kg) divided by the square of the length (m2))

Diabetes Mellitus

Lack of exercise

Poor nutrition (diet high in fat and salt)

Drugs (alcohol, cocaine, heroin)

Dr Wiebren Duim, a neurologist in private practice in Pretoria, emphasizing the devastating effects of a stroke when showing how important it is for individuals to take control of their health and monitor potential risk factors.

Of the patients who survive a stroke:

12% -18% do not speak properly

22% can not run

32% are clinically depressed

48% paralyzed on one side of their body, and

24% -53% will suffer a complete or partial dependence on their families and carers

However, the risk of stroke may have been minimized, taking into account risk factors, seek medical help right and live a healthy lifestyle.

“Stroke improved since we live a kind of unhealthy lifestyle. If you want to reduce your risk of stroke, blood pressure monitor to prevent hypertension, stop smoking, lose weight, eat healthy foods, and walk to the corner cafe of the trips. This is especially important if you are over 40 years your blood pressure checked every six months, “said Dr. Duim.


There are five main warning signs that indicate you’re having a stroke:

Sudden weakness or numbness in the arms, face, or leg on one or both sides of the body

Sudden blurred or decreased vision, particularly in one eye, or double vision

Sudden difficulty speaking or understanding speech

Sudden severe headache with no known cause

Unexplained dizziness, unsteadiness or sudden falls

Time is of the essence

Another stroke mythology around with nothing that could be done about it, that once you had a stroke, you can do except suffer the consequences. Not true.

Dr Duim emphasized that time is the most important element in treating stroke: “Do not ask your mother or your best friend or someone on the street for their opinion. If you experience any of the warning symptoms, in a hospital with a stroke unit immediately. Treatment within the first three hours significantly reduced the area of brain tissue that is damaged in the attack, which could have a major impact on whether you will learn to walk again, to speak properly again. In short, previously considered, the better your chances for recovery. ‘

Both Fritz and Prof. Dr. Duim emphasized that proper care and attention to make a significant difference to the survival and recovery of the patient. Most admitted Stroke Stroke Unit, where a medical team familiar with the symptoms and treatment of disease needs. “Proper treatment depends on knowledge. For example, a patient’s blood pressure rose to a stroke, but it is important not to try to lower blood pressure immediately. Hypertension control should only began about three weeks after the stroke, “said Prof. Fritz.

Prof. Fritz adds that it is important for stroke patients and their families to approach everything positive and do the rehabilitation to do. “A third of all stroke patients recover completely and much more to resume normal daily activities. Might expect after a stroke, “he said.

Pancreatic Cancer – It Does not Mean the End Measures

Maybe for some of us pancreatic cancer are known to lower cancer until we read or hear about it from the news. Actor Steve McQueen, Michael Landon, Patrick Swayze, tenor Luciano Pavarotti, and only Apple founder Steve Jobs, who all struggle with pancreatic cancer, and died of it. The pancreas is a gland located behind the stomach. His head is attached to the duodenum while the tail reaches the spleen. It contains two types of glands: exocrine gland that produces enzymes to break down fats and proteins, and Endocrine glands make hormones insulin and glucagon to regulate sugar blood.

Cancer derived from exocrine glands indicated that become more aggressive of the two. But unless detected early and operated, the stage pancreatic cancer that has spread so deadly because it is difficult to treat. It has a low survival rate of depression – very make it more than 5 years after diagnosis, only 4-5 percent. The incidence of pancreatic cancer increases with age, usually between 50 and 80 years age.

Strategies Cancer Stop On This Smoking and Drinking – Smoking and alcohol are believed to increase the risk.

Diet and Exercise – Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables clean and fresh, low in refined sugars and carbohydrates and exercise, reducing risk.

Colourful flavonols – In the first study of its kind, researchers from the German Institute of Human Nutrition noted that flavonols help reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer is about 25 percent and 59 percent for smokers. The three types of cultured flavonols : quercetin, found in apples and onions, kaempferol, present in spinach and cabbage, and myricetin, found in fruits and red onion. Flavonols are a class of flavonoids, which are known for their powerful antioxidant properties.

Vitamin D – Study shows link between vitamin D and risk of pancreatic cancer. Two studies from Harvard found this correlation respectively. One man compared to getting 150 compared to 600 international units (3.8 vs. 15 mcg) of vitamin D per day and reported cancer risk 40 percent lower in those who take more vitamin D. Another study found a 35 percent lower risk for those with higher vitamin D levels in the blood. According to the Vitamin D Council, taking 1000-4000 international units (25-100 mcg) of vitamin D daily may reduce pancreatic cancer risk.

An Treatment Alternative That Works The Gonzalez regimen, named after Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a nutritional protocol based on the findings of Drs John Beard and William Donald Kelley. This therapy focuses on treating cancer, including pancreatic cancer and has achieved success. The testimony of those who undergo this treatment survived 5-15 years after diagnosis. Involves a strict regimen of diet, taking supplements and enzymes, and use coffee enemas.

If all that is required is that we change our unhealthy habits, get the right foods and supplements that may reduce pancreatic cancer (or other cancer) risk, avoiding our range and control. To we learn more about the approach to the prevention of cancer, go to the health journal Tips Of all kinds. To get a headstart on planning a healthy lifestyle and diet is full, see the Total Health Program.

How to Prevent Knee Pain Arthritis

While there are various therapies that will happen for a long-term knee pain alleviation, factors that should be considered when treating arthritis knee pain integrating the long and the current state of the disease, including The wellness. For most of us, there is no easy and practical way to ease the arthritis knee pain and possible steps to prevent larger as the overall knee replacement surgery. Here are four strategies that lifestyle changes you can do as part of the natural arthritis pain alleviation plan.

Wear Footwear Women right to have a love affair with high heels, but the results they may have used poison developed incrementally. Different women believe that the discomfort is managed from wearing high heels is the most frequently underfoot, however, high heels throw the body forward and increase the pressure under the kneecap. This eventually leads to arthritis knee pain and discomfort. Nice heel height to relieve knee joint pain anxiety is one-half to three-quarter inch.

Take Supplements Glucosamine happens to be one of the most effective and least expensive supplements you can take to alleviate knee discomfort joint disease. Mixed with Chondroitin, a supplement thought to advocate for water retention as well as flexibility in cartilage, 1-2 attacks not only maintain the health of the knee, to help replace and repair chipped cartilage inspire Exercise Works arthritis. Regularly bolsters as well as stretching the muscles that support the knee is essential to stop the pain associated with arthritis. Appropriate activities also help reduce stress on knee joints. When doing this exercise it is important to spread the muscle tissue that supports the knee first. Tense muscles connected to the knee recovered knee alignment causing damage include pain knee.

Modifying Diet The backing of the most important activities you can do to prevent arthritis knee pain is to control your weight. Chemicals associated swelling and discomfort – the extra pounds during middle age were unable to go wrong putting a strain on the knee joint and produce cytokines added. Also, make sure your diet plan to combine lots of fruits and vegetables. They include phytochemicals, which reduces the swelling of the material. Complement your meal plan arming of Omega-3 (found in fish, nuts, olive oil and canola oil) and got a lot of mineral calcium for strong bones. If you can not swallow the appropriate amount of minerals calcium, your body will pull it from your bones to make them even more vulnerable and susceptible to trauma.