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See how the blind can see the dog

Ground-breaking study in 2001, scientists used gene therapy to restore the three blind dogs. Dogs that suffer from a form of hereditary blindness. Now, the same treatment was tried in humans, in what could be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in recent years.

Using viruses to deliver the new gene to produce proteins with the ability of cells required for sight seeing, the researchers turned to the dog’s ability ‘to produce proteins, which gives them their ability to see .

In the next six months, U.S. investigators will begin the first trials of gene therapy to treat genetic blindness in humans, said Professor John Flannery, from the University of California, Berkeley, in a recent interview in Cape Town.

Watch this dog video

Here’s the proof. Watching this video of two dogs, one untreated and still blind, while the second dog to look after gene therapy. To view this video, you need to download Quicktime. Then click here to watch the video of the dog. Be patient, download may take several minutes, but waiting is worth your while. Notice how the black dog (still blind) struggled at the beginning of the video to find the way. He believes, and hit all the obstacles on the left and right. White dog (admitted in his right eye), are not colliding obstacles to the right, but only on the left side (blind). We bring you this video, thanks to Dr. Jean Bennett, professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA and the woman behind the research. Send this video to friends.

Specific condition called Leber native amourosis (LCA), and similar to the conditions successfully treated dogs.

LCA is a rare inherited genetic condition that causes retinal Dysfunction. It usually causes severe visual impairment, often from birth.

Damage movie

Retina can be considered as a movie in your eyes. So, if the retina is damaged, there is no application with glasses or lens to correct the problem – the retina itself needs to be treated.

The process by which visual information is transferred from the front of the eye, cones and rods, through the eyes, and the brain is a very complex. Gene defect can cause problems anywhere along the line, and find out which gene causing trouble keeping researchers very busy at the moment.

In this particular method of LCA considered in the next test, with defects in the gene that tells the eye to reshape the molecules of vitamin A at some point during his trip to the eye. As a result, the molecules of vitamin A can not do their job, and impaired retinal function.

LCA causes various other associated eye abnormalities including roving eye movements, deep-set eyes and sensitivity to light. Some patients with LCA also experience central nervous system disease.

Is estimated that about 2000 South Africa could suffer from this disease, treatment of numbers.

Restoration of normal vision

The goal of gene therapy is to introduce the correct gene in the eye. It will, one hopes, will teach the eye to reshape the molecules of vitamin A in the right way, and the process is expected to restore normal vision.

Bennett and his team tested the gene therapy in three dogs with a genetic disease endemic Mimics Leber amaurosis (LCA).

Using virus

Bennett and his colleagues used a virus to deliver the new gene in dogs stem ‘and cones with a load

A recombinant virus with the gene. (Rod and cone cells in the back of their eyes perceive light, color, and form, and send messages to the brain …) gene and then enters the nucleus of target cells, which then start to process the proteins of Health , in accordance News Today reported.

The researchers used three test after 90 days to check if the dog can see:

“We put a contact lens in eye dog, and then flashed a light in the eye and measurable electrical response tests are regularly given to male .. Tests showed electrical signal which did not exist before. “

The second test showed that vision actually processed by the brain. Prior to the students of gene therapy will not grow smaller when the light is shone in the eyes of the dog “, but after treatment, it is.

Finally, the dog has to walk around without bumping into anything. The dog was first confused. But after a while they became very excited and started to shake their tails, according to Bennett.

“It borders on the miraculous,” said Tom Hoglund, director of communications for the American Foundation for Fighting Blindness, according to Health Day News.

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