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April 12, 2020
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Regrow Hair With Products That Truly Work

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Most people who suffer hair loss can regrow hair, and they shouldn't settle for less than that. Unfortunately, too many of them waste time--and money--on products that don't work.

Both men and women can endure hair loss and the resulting embarrassment and discomfort. Most often, the loss of hair is due to a condition known as androgenic alopecia. In men, this is often referred to as male pattern baldness; in women it's usually simply called alopecia.

Baldness in the form of androgenic alopecia is caused by otherwise harmless hormonal abnormalities. These abnormalities appear as you age, and cause your hair to thin and finally fall out. The hormonal abnormalities result from a relatively common inherited genetic trait.

Retailers know how discouraging and undesirable balding can be for those who suffer from it, and to meet this demand there are many treatments available. Unfortunately, the majority of these so-called cures have only one goal: Capitalizing on the desperation of those who want to reverse their hair loss. Time and time again these products and their ingredients have been proven ineffective for hair growth, by rigorous scientific studies.

But there's no reason whatsoever to pour your hopes, time, or money into these useless gimmicks. There are products that do work, and you can have complete faith in them. That's because the active ingredients they include have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration as being suitable for and successful in treating hair loss and effectively regrowing hair.

One of these very few FDA approved substances is called minoxidil. Minoxidil is the most widely successful treatment for balding; it works for more people than any other. For women, in fact, no other ingredient has been approved for the treatment of baldness. It can't, of course, change your genes, but it compensates for the hormonal differences they cause and the androgenic alopecia which results.

Regrowing your own hair might seem like the very best thing that could happen--but regrowing your own hair, and having it return healthier and shinier than ever is even better. Only a proven medication will bring your hair back, but there are additional steps you can take to make it grow back better than ever.

Here, the vital factor is your nutrition. The healthy appearance of our skin and hair is often directly linked to getting enough of certain key nutrients. These include vitamin B6 and biotin, and many others. Adding appropriate supplements can help.

Until you commence treatment with an FDA approved treatment to regrow hair, you won't see the results you deserve.


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