Dermatology defines stretch marks as striae, and it refers to scarring of the skin which leaves a mark of a silvery white. Technically, what happens when there is a tearing of the dermis and the problem is these marks do not disappear very quickly and some can even last a lifetime. How does it occur? Stretch marks occur when there is rapid growth in the body that the skin can not catch it and the tears. Skin, of course, is very elastic, so it does not tear completely. They are usually associated with rapid weight gain and the question on people's minds is how to quitar estrias. Stretch marks are not a disease but as the disease, there are warning signs present so you know if these brands are going to happen anytime soon. The sign you should look for are red or purple lines on the skin that are quite light and almost fainting. These areas are soft. On the body - they can occur anywhere on the body and are not necessarily appear because of the stretching of the skin, but because the middle layer of skin (the dermis) is not enough healthy for support. They usually appear on the chest, abdomen, breasts, thighs, hips and buttocks. Prevention - The best solution to any problem is to prevent it from happening. Most women get stretch marks during pregnancy because their skin is tense as their babies grow. It is therefore important for them to use certain creams containing vitamin E, and collagen-elastin to help eliminar estrias correctly. This cream is applied to the skin on a regular basis and is one of the easiest ways how to eliminar estrias. But for those who are not pregnant and got stretch marks from weight gain or simply not healthy, there are other ways on how to Quitar Estrias, including laser surgery, and prescription drugs. The drug comes in the form of retinoids to be taken every day for a month, but they are very effective.

Laser treatment is safer to treat acne.

There are few treatments available on the market for laser acne. Laser acne uses high energy pulses to force your skin cells to regenerate. This can lead to a smoother complexion. You need multiple treatments to eliminar marcas acne. By performing chemical peels for a while, you get rid of the first layers of your skin and your cells regenerate to replace the old. This will help smooth out scars and lighten the marks. However, it may make your skin turns red and some may experience dry, flaky skin. You can also try natural methods to eliminar marcas acne. There are some essential oils that you can apply on your skin to speed your recovery and reduce your acne marks. Rose hip oil is one of the most popular essential oils. Apply daily to your acne marks for 2 times a day and can help speed the healing process of your skin. Use rose hip oil regularly can help reduce your acne marks, but it takes a while to see results.