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July 12, 2020
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Fighting Childhood Obesity With Outdoor Play

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With childhood obesity becoming a growing problem, especially within western communities, getting the children to be active is the concern of many parents. When we are up against television shows, the latest consoles and games this often seems like a hopeless task but there are some clever ways to tear the children away from the screens.

Many parents would like to get their children playing outside to get some fresh air and exercise. They are concerned about the rise of video games, the internet, and television that have kept their kids trapped inside their homes so much. In fact, studies show that childhood obesity has grown at an alarming rate during the past 10 years due to lack of activity and diet.

So what can a parent do to promote a healthier lifestyle and get their children playing outdoors? One way is to encourage children to help their parents in the yard with toy garden tools. Many younger kids want to be like their parents and feel that they are helping out in the yard. In this article, we'll discuss some of the best garden toys for kids including the wheelbarrow, hand tools with a garden tote, a watering can, and a splash slide.

First, let's talk about the wheelbarrow. A toy wheelbarrow is a great toy to get children playing outdoors. They can use it to move toys, dirt, and other objects around the garden to help out while their parents are working in the yard. These wheelbarrows come in different colours and styles and can provide many hours of fun while playing outside.

One of the best-rated miniature wheelbarrows is made by Radio Flyer. It has real wooden handles that are strong and sturdy and a moulded steel body for durability. Children love having a wheelbarrow that is just their size to feel big like their parents. It is the perfect toy for children age 2 to 5 and is priced at many places for under 30.

Another great toy to get kids active outdoors are garden hand tools that come with a tote. Most of these sets come with a trowel, rake and shovel. Younger children enjoy helping their parents out with these tools that are the perfect size for their hands. When they are finished with their job, they can put them away in the tote for storage or carry to different parts of the yard. However, there are other garden toys to consider.

Most children know that plants need water to survive. A watering can help them care for the plants in your garden. Children enjoy playing with this fun toy that comes in many colours and shapes.

One of the best-rated is called the Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright watering can. It can with a colourful striped base with a flower-inspired spout and top. This is a can that children will enjoy using over and over for gardening activities.

In addition to these great toys, there are many other toys that will get children playing outdoors around the garden such as a splash slide. Kids will have a blast going down this miniature water slide in the back yard. It is the perfect size for toddlers to have many hours of water fun. Just simply connect the slide to a hose and children will enjoy sliding through the gentle water spray. When finished, adults can simply let the air out for compact storage.

Remember these garden toys when looking for a way to get children playing outdoors. Children will have many hours of fun with a wheelbarrow, hand tools, a watering can, and a splash slide. Be sure to use this information to take action and start engaging your child with activities using toys that will provide many hours of outdoor fun.


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