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October 15, 2020
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Get Compensated For Your Concussion

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It is generally known that slip and fall injuries are by far and away the most common type of work place accidents. Vast sums of money are spent on health and safety campaigns across north America and around the world. Business owners, plant managers and their employees attend seminars and workshops learning ways to prevent workplace mishaps.

Proper footwear is emphasized, as well as procedures in dealing with spills and clean up. We've all seen the bright yellow signs that are religiously trotted out in restaurants and other public spaces that proclaim "caution, wet floor".

With all the awareness that goes into workplace safety, there is another aspect to this that may often be overlooked. Consider the countless slip and fall accidents that are a result of slippery roads, icy sidewalks and slick parking lots. When someone slips on ice, not only are bones broken, but too often, the victim's head hits the pavement resulting in a concussion.

The word concussion is derived from the Latin concutere which means "to shake violently". So when a person's head hits the road, the brain suffers injury that can range from mild to severe. The economic costs in treating such injuries is very high, right from hospital admissions to lost time from work and even forced early retirement for some victims.

Symptoms of a concussion include problems with movement, dizziness, nausea, and trouble with balance. Some folks suffer from light sensitivity, and blurred or double vision. One of the most common manifestations are headaches that might start soon after the fall, or later on in the person's recovery.

One of the biggest long-term dangers is the risk of traumatic injury should a second concussion occur. Football is a sport that sees many players with head injuries. Research on the brains of dead NFL athletes has confirmed that lasting damage is sustained after just one concussion. The damage multiplies with each subsequent hit.

If you have suffered such an injury chances are you are off work, with a long period of recovery ahead of you. This is because treatment basically involves complete rest, with no brain stimulation such as video games. There is no magic pill to make a concussion better. You could be laid up for three weeks to three months, and if you're over 55 it could be much longer.

In the midst of your dizziness, nausea, and anxiety, shouldn't you be seeking compensation for your injuries? After all, it's not your fault that unsalted patch of black ice was between you and your car. Don't wait, time is of the essence. There are personal injury attorneys that can steer you through the confusing maze, and the sooner you contact one, the better.

A good personal injury lawyer will not take you on until they determine whether your case is eligible. You'll be asked whether you lost consciousness as a result of your fall, if any bones were broken, and if you are suffering recurring problems such as headaches, stiff neck, or dizziness.

When your case is accepted, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected, and that you will have a knowledgeable friend on your side. Soon you'll have compensation in hand to tide you over until the day you can return to your job. Be sure to keep track of all your expenses including taxi rides to the doctor and physiotherapist. Include your lost wages too. When you win your case, you'll be reimbursed for everything.


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