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November 19, 2020
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Have a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim? Don't Settle Till You Read This

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Car accidents can happen instantly, and they also can change your life. Whenever you sustain injuries in a vehicle accident it might affect you for the rest of your life. Very often people that are injured can't go back to the standard jobs they have trained for. If you have had an accident due to a vehicle accident, you might have been forced to change professions or even to be retrained to do another job that you don't enjoy nearly as much. If you've been badly injured than you may not happen to be capable to begin to work again, or else you might need plenty of time to undergo physical therapy or other treatments before you are able to start working for a living again. If you have been injured, you've hopefully had the opportunity to retain legal services from your motor vehicle accident lawyer. Before you decide to settle your personal injury claim for injuries sustained in an auto accident, be sure that the award that you receive will be large enough to pay for the damages which have been done.

Physical Rehabilitation

If physical therapy is required for you to recuperate from an accident, then this cost must be factored into the personal injury award. Sometimes standard health care insurance will pay for part of the physical therapy, but this isn't always the case. If you don't have insurance or if your insurance won't finance necessary physical therapy, then this cost may be hundreds of dollars per session.

Care Home and Convalescent Care

If you've been seriously injured, the convalescent care or perhaps a nursing home might be necessary for you to ultimately be rehabilitated to the full lifestyle that you are accustomed to. If it is the case, the normal living costs within a facility of this nature is $200 each day. This doesn't include any extra charges for such things as medication and physical rehabilitation. Other individuals might find themselves in need of 24 / 7 health care, whether it is provided in your home or when you're made to move into an assisted living facility. Home based care can be expensive; usually around $20 each hour or around $40,000 annually is the normal rate. Assisted living care can run up to $36K per year for care only. This doesn't incorporate the rent as well as other expenses involved in living in this kind of facility.

Who Covers the Long Term Care When There are Personal Injuries?

Who ultimately pays for the cost of providing long term health care for accident victims? Depending on your actual age and particular circumstances, Medicaid and Medicare, and health care insurance will frequently pick up some of the bill. The remainder will be your responsibility to cover. This can often mean putting the responsibility of payment on family members, which can cause a lot of family stress.

As you can tell, the expense of being injured can be great, and also your injuries may cause lifelong problems. A fairly good settlement amount can be tempting when you are unable to work and have bills. Big insurance providers know this. But your auto accident lawyer will counsel you that your best idea is to wait for that type of settlement that you require for the long term.


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